Tatyana Yegorov

Ingrian singer Tatyana Yegorov(a) was born in 1894 in the village of Ropsu (Ropsha). Her father Simo Nikolayev was from the same village. She never told the collectors about her mother. Tatyana called her paternal grandmother Darya Varlamova a great singer, a lead singer, from whom she had learned many of her songs. At the age of 15, Tatyana started working as a house maid, and later worked at the factory and at the Iitova manor. Tatyana married a man from the Ropsu village. After her husband died from war wounds, she married a man from the Hanike village. Before Lauri and Aili Laiho-Simonsuuri, almost nothing had been recorded from Tatyana Yegorov; however, on the 1937 recording in Tallinn she performs as the lead singer.

Kallio 2013.