Digital Humanities in Estonia A° 2013

IT Applications in Humanities

Project Synopses


Kaisa Kulasalu, Mari Sarv Moving Towards a Digital Folklore Archives
Grethe Juhkason The Digital Archives of Estonian Dialects
Raivo Kelomees Interactive Database Documentary The East: Audience Participation Solution
Jaanus Kõuts Overview of Estonian Web Archives
Mari-Liis Posti The Information System of Archaeological Collections at the Institute of History, Tallinn University
Andres Kuperjanov Skriptoorium: Fast and Automated Processing of Text Corpora and Its Application in Archiving Texts
Allar Haav Applying Digital Methods in Settlement Pattern Analysis
Hilkka Hiiop The System for Digital Archiving and Graphic Documentation of Visual Data in Preserving and Restoring Cultural Heritage
Pille Eslon, Mart Laanpere IT Applications in the Humanities: Estonian Interlanguage Corpus
Elle-Mari Talivee Digital Literary Landscapes
Andres Uueni VNS: Online Exhibitions System |
Marju Mikkel, Marin Laak “Kreutzwald’s Century”: Estonian Cultural History Web
Kadri Vider Center of Estonian Language Resources
Piret Voolaid The Database of Paroemic Graffiti as a Source in Folklore Research
Liisi Laineste The Database of East-European Three-Nation’ Jokes

The publication was compiled and edited by: Kaisa Kulasalu, Mari Sarv

English translations: Kait Tamm
Language editor: Kadri Tamm
Design and layout: Pille Niin

The compiling and editing of the publication was enabled by the support for the research collections
and the institutional research funding IUT 22-4 “Folklore in the process of cultural communication:
ideologies and communities” provided to the Estonian Folklore Archives of Estonian Literary Museum
by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

Publication was supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.


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