Nikolai Anisimov

Born on 23. 12. 1989 in Udmurtia, Udmurt folklorist, researcher on Udmurt folk culture, and famous Udmurt singer. From 06.2017 on, he works at the Estonian Literary Museum in Tartu, where he is researcher at the department of folkloristics. His main research themes are the Udmurt communication with the dead, the Udmurt song tradition and the religious practice of the Eastern Udmurt.

He received his MA at the Udmurt state University in Izhevsk at the Faculty of Philology in 2012, with a thesis in folkloristics. He could immediately become a doctoral student at the University of Tartu (Estonia) at the department of Estonian and comparative Folkloristics He defended his PhD thesis in 2017, with a dissertation called “The dialogue between the worlds” in the mould of the Udmurt’s communicative behaviour. The dissertation investigates the Udmurt funeral and commemorative rituals, and communication with the world beyond and with the dead in particular. His work relies on ten years of intensive fieldwork. Beyond fieldwork, he published many scientific articles and presented the results of his investigations in international conferences and congresses.

He started in 2017 to investigate the religious practice of the Eastern Udmurt within a French IUF project.

Another direction in Anisimov’s scientific research is the investigation of the Udmurt song culture: he has already published two collections of folksongs, in cooperation with the Udmurt musicologists:

Tunes of Tigyrmen, the song repertoire of two villages in the Kiyasovo district (2011) and Songs of the Southern Udmurt (electronic version 2015, paper version 2018, second completed edition 2020).

The singer
Nikolay Anisimov grew up in a singing environment and he sings folk songs since childhood.

As a youngster, he received high assessments in singing contests. He started by interpreting songs composed by others, but later he composed his own songs and presented them on stage. He is very much appreciated, and he is well known in all Udmurt villages.

In his repertoire, we may identify the following directions:

– Songs translated from Tatar: as his village is practically on the border between Udmurtia and Tatarstan, he is acquainted from childhood with the Tatar singing culture, which has inspired him deeply. His first hit, which made him famous, was a Tatar song “Don’t split”, in Udmurt «Эн люкиське»;

– modern versions of folk songs, for example the so called, chastushki, or “takmak” by the southern Udmurt, humorous four strophes;

– his own creation, with such themes as the joy of singing, his native village or region, friendship, love. Sometimes he write his texts himself, sometimes they are written by Udmurt poets, or in cooperation with them.

Anisimov’s songs are characterised by rich melodies. Many of them have been adopted by the Udmurt, who sing them in villages, and many have become, or are becoming, folk songs.

He discovered the Bashkortostan Udmurt singer Alyona Timerkhanova with whom he made the CD called “The seasons of life” (in Udmurt: Улон дауръёс) (2016). He regularly performs with a group of Udmurt artists in front of an audience coming from all generations.

In 2014, with Estonian musician Toivo Sõmer and Udmurt singer Maria Korepanova, (PhD from Tallinn Academy of Music and specialist of Besermyan song) the started the project AR-GOD. The trio performs mainly Udmurt folk songs, usually collected by the singers themselves. AR-GOD performs at festivals in Estonia and abroad. They published their first CD in 2017.

In Estonia, he presents the Udmurt culture to a wider audience in lectures, workshops about Udmurt games, songs, dances, cuisine… and held Udmurt language courses at the University of Tartu. He organises Udmurt concerts in which he sometimes performs alone or with other Udmurts. Since 2012, he is a member of the Udmurt folk ensemble Yumshan Gur and performed with them in many places. He participates in the Days of the Kindred peoples in different Estonian towns, in the Seto region and even in Latvia, in Riga.


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