ISHS First Circular: April Updates

ISHS First Circular: April Updates

ISHS First Circular

Dear conference participant,

With 65 days remaining until the conference, we are looking forward to meeting you in Tallinn! Please take a look at the tentative programme. Remember not to take this as the final and definite version, nor do we suggest to make travel plans according to your current placement in the programme (instead, why not stay for the entire duration of the conference? It will be well worth it!:). Winners of the student awards (GSA and DANYS) will be moved to the plenary session on June 27, while CDA winner will deliver the talk on June 28.

Here are some important bits of information we’d like to share with you:


Tallinn may get pretty crowded with tourists during the brief but lovely Estonian summer! We recommend you to make accommodation reservations as soon as possible. The official ISHS hotels have their offers available only until May 1 (Tallink City Hotel) and May 21 (Seaport Hotel), after which the rooms reserved for our conference  will be sold on first come – first served basis. AirBnB is a good alternative to the conference hotels. At the registration, we will ask you for the name of the hotel where you are staying: for the sake of quick registration and your convenience, you could send us the information via email as soon as you have made your booking.


Most of the talks are allocated a 30 minute slot, which by convention could be divided into a 20 minute talk and 10 minutes of discussion. In case you have opted for a flash presentation, please note that this is a short presentation followed by a longer discussion with the presenter. A workshop presentation (more practical presentation, 30 minutes) and a workshop (90 minutes) are allocated separate sessions.


June 28 will be spent in the countryside, in Vihula mansion in Lahemaa, one of the national parks of Estonia. More information will follow later.

Sign up for stand-up / joke-telling contest on June 26, Tuesday, 19:00-21:00 in the Tallinn Old Town bar Must Puudel

We will do our best to cater for those with special dietary needs, but we might not be able to cater for all special needs during festive dinners on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you for understanding. There will be fruit and vegetables available.

Doctoral Seminar “Humour 101”

If you have registered for the doctoral seminar on June 25, you will receive a notice of acceptance by May 7. Please note that due to the high demand for the doctoral school workshops and their limited capacity, we might not be able to accept all the registered participants. Priority will be given to students.


The conference and the pre-conference doctoral seminar day is organised by Estonian Literary Museum, Tallinn University, the Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts. It is supported by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (through Enterprise Estonia conference support grant and ASTRA project of Tallinn University – TU TEE Tallinn University as a promoter of intelligent lifestyle (no 2014-2020.4.01.16-0033), activity D41), Estonian Cultural Endowment, and the Estonian Literary Museum (Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies).