Keynote and Plenary Videos

Keynote and Plenary Videos

Keynote and Plenary Videos


KEYNOTE 1: Jessica Milner Davis. The Politics and Satire Project: Scrutinising Satire From a Transdisciplinary Perspective (June 26)

KEYNOTE 2: Elliott Oring. Oppositions, Overlaps, and Ontologies: The General Theory of Verbal Humor Revisited (June 28)

KEYNOTE 3: Trevor Blank. How the Mighty Have Fallen: American Celebrity Scandals and Humor Dynamics Online (June 29)

KEYNOTE 4: Limor Shifman. The Promises and Perils of Internet Memes (June 29)

Video not available, sorry! Read her work HERE and talk to her when you meet at conferences:)

Student awards

Plenary session: graduate student awards (July 27)

Christie Davies panel and award

Christie Davies panel, session 1

Christie Davies panel, session 2

Christie Davies panel, session 3

Plenary session: Christie Davies Award