The double-blind peer-reviewed (Open Access since 1996) academic journal Mäetagused has been published since 1996. It is the only journal publishing original research on folkloristics, ethnomusicology, cultural anthropology, and religious studies in Estonian, with summaries in English. The journal has an important role in mediating to the scholarly community of one million Estonian speakers original studies and articles by foreign researchers specially submitted to the journal for translating. The journal also publishes translations of selected prime researches from scientific journals in other languages to elaborate specialised terminology in Estonian. In addition, the journal publishes articles on applied sciences, as well as reviews of books and audio materials, conferences and fieldwork, overviews of research centres in the world, defended theses, etc.

The journal occasionally publishes special thematic issues which are compiled by guest editors.

The journal Mäetagused┬áis available as a full free online version and corresponds to all Open Access and Creative Commons rules. The journal does not charge for publishing or editing.

The journal is issued in hard copy form and as an online version (www.folklore.ee/tagused). The internet version includes video and audio samples.

The peer-review procedures for the journal can be found in our Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement in section 3.

The publication of the journal is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (hard copy) and various Estonian research projects (EKKM09-168, EKKM14-344, IUT22-5).

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