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EKM Teaduskirjastus

Scala naturae: Festschrift in Honour of Arvo Krikmann: for his 75th birthday


Autor: Anneli Baran, Liisi Laineste, Piret Voolaid (eds.)

Välja antud: 2014

The volume pays tribute to the distinguished folklorist, academician Arvo Krikmann, presently senior researcher at the Department of Folkloristics of the Estonian Literary Museum. Many people – his colleagues, students and friends – have contributed to the book to convey their admiration and respect towards this great scholar, to highlight his devotion and passion for working, his limitless knowledge of folklore, but also in evidence of his kindness and compassion in personal relationships.
Throughout his career, Arvo Krikmann has above all been interested in the origin, historiography and textology of Estonian and Baltic-Finnic short forms of folklore. This has included research on the sources of Estonian phraseology and folk rhetoric; the structural levels and interrelations of the short forms of folklore; syntax, logic, modalities and semantics of figurative speech; classification in paremiology; theoretical approaches to the study of metaphor and other figures of speech; geographical distribution of folklore and dialects; applications of quantitative methodology in folkloristics and dialectology, humour.