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   Photos From Fieldwork

Photos from Chapaevsk
  In summer, the muksun fishing season, fishing sands at Chapaevsk village become a gathering place for many Khanty fishermen families.
Photos from Tolovakazymsk
  Tolovakazymsk fishing village is the home for a Khanty fisherman family, a Khanty/Nenets family and a base for a Russian fisherman.
Photos from Tundra
  In Sale-Mal tundra, several Khanty reindeer herders roam with their reindeer herds. For summer, smaller herds are gathered, in autumn, the herders split off.
Photos from Aksarka
  The Aksarka Village with its 2,200 inhabitants is the administrative centre of Priuralsk Borough of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.
Photos from Salekhard
  Salekhard, the capital of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, is the home of Russian natural gas industry.
Other Photos
  Some other photos from field...