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About the Film "Autumn On Ob River"

   Director: Janno Simm
   Year of release: 2004
   Duration: 46'
   Country of production:
   Original language: Khanty, Russian (subtitled into English and Estonian)
   Format: DVCAM, available on Beta SP, miniDV, DVD and VHS(PAL)

  Near the mouth of Ob River in North-Western Siberia live the northernmost families of 22,500 Khanty people.
In conditions of harsh polar environment and post-Soviet unpredictability, coping is a challenge.

  Like many of their neighbours-kinsmen, the Tobolko family is a part of a fishing brigade. In order to survive, when pay is scarce and even that has not been paid for months, they employ the traditional economical model of Arctic, where hunting and reindeer herding add value to fishing activities. The film follows the autumnal activity of a Khanty fisherman family: end of main fishing season — moving over to winter settlement, hunting and reindeer herding activities. There is a story about indigenous accountancy — an unique balance system between the fishing and reindeer herding Khanty, knowledge of fishing and hunting grounds.



Festivals and Events

The film "Autumn On Ob River" has been screened on the following festivals and events:

Tromsø International Film Festival, Tromsø, Norway
January 2004

Cinema du Reel, Paris, France
April 2004

II Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival, Moscow, Russia
May 2004
The Winner of the Debut Competition

Nordic Anthropological Film Association Conference/Film Festival, Tartu, Estonia
12—15 May 2004

Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
June 2004

Siberian Film Festival at the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, UK
June 4th 2004

XVIII Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival, Estonia
July 2004
The Prize of French Ambassador

RidduRiddu Festival, Manndalen, Norway
14—18 July 2004

IV World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples, Tallinn, Estonia
15—19 August 2004

IV Russian Anthropology Film Festival, Salekhard, Russia
24—30 September 2004
Special Mention of the Jury — for authentic representation of life of the Khanty

II Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Lihula, Estonia
23—26 September 2004
Special Prize of Estonian Fund for Nature

XXI International Film Festival Agrofilm, Nitra, Slovakia
27 September — 1 October 2004

Academia Film Olomouc, Czech Republic
4—7 October 2004

Asia Film Festival, Turku, Finland
21—24 October 2004

Astra Film Festival, Sibiu, Romania
25—30 October 2004

XIII International Festival of Ethnological Film, Belgrad
December 2004

The International Documentary Film Festival “CRONOGRAF”, Chisinau, Moldova
19—22 May 2005

Festival du Cinema Nordique, Rouen, France
15—26 March 2006


The project has won a stipend of Estonian Polar Foundation in 2004