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2011/02 ISSN 1406-0949

On the Present-day Veneration of Sacred Trees in the Holy Land 7
Amots Dafni


Chaotic Identities, Love and Fathering 31
Stephen Williams


Connecting Threads 55
Mirjam Mencej


The Discursive Suppression of Women: Female Evils as the Villains of the Motherhood Narrative 85
Leyla Önal


Folk Narratives and Legends as Sources of Widespread Idioms: Toward a Lexicon of Common Figurative Units 117
Elisabeth Piirainen


Images of Birds in Mordvinian Mythology 143
Tatiana Deviatkina


Rites Associated with Conjuring Rain in the Udmurt Calendar Cycle 153
Tatiana Vladykina, Galina Glukhova


The Tallinn Department of the Estonian National Museum: History and Developments 163
Piret Õunapuu


 News in brief
Dissertation on Hidden Treasures in Estonian Tale Tradition - Katre Kikas [197]
Thesis Defence: Piret Voolaid. Estonian Riddles as a Folklore Genre in a Changing Cultural Context - Sirkka Saarinen [201]
Fragments from the Convention of Ethnographers and Folklorists SIEF Congress in Lisbon, April 17–21, 2011 - Tiiu Jaago, Pihla Siim [203]
Taking Malta Out of the Box - Mare Kõiva [201]
 Book review
Words as Events or Events as Words? - Kanni Labi [211]
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