Folklore. Electronic Journal of Folklore

One of the first Internet projects in the Estonian folkloristics were two hyperjournals, one in English and the other (Mäetagused) in Estonian. In 1996, our journals were among the very first of publications in the humanities to publish free full texts online, according to Creative Commons licence BY-NC-ND.

Articles are contributed to our journal by authors from all over the world. The journal is published 3-4 times a year since June 1996. and has an international board of editors.

Double-blind peer reviewed Open Access academic journal Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore publishes original studies in folklore studies, comparative mythological research, cultural anthropology and related fields.

A separate section introduces new publications in the field, reviews of released audio-material, held conferences and conducted fieldwork, research centres of different countries, defended degree theses, etc.

The journal is issued in print and in full free online version The electronic journal includes video and audio samples. Sound samples have been used since the very first issue (originally in .au format, since 1997 .mpg2 and .mpg3), and in the fourth issue (1997) video samples (in .mpg format) were first used

The eighth issue of Folklore (1998) was the first to be published parallelly as .pdf-files, considering the interests of those who wish to read, print and make references to the articles as they are published in print. In .pdf format both illustrations and text with special characters retain their original appearance. Many formats were taken into use as soon as they became available in the Internet.

Links to the journal appear of the websites of more than 60 research centres, including those of the most prestigious university libraries and directories on the subject.

These types of journals have a fairly wide geographical spread and the articles often prompt feedback. Articles published in the journal Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore have called forth requests for permission to translate and re-publish.

Journal is supported by project EKKM09-170, EKKM14-344, IUT22-5

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