Leading researcher Mare Kõiva, PhD, Estonian Literary Museum, Tartu, Estonia

Mare Kõiva, PhD is a Leading Researcher and the Head of the Department of Folkloristics at the Estonian Literary Museum, Tartu, Estonia. She is the Head of the Center of Excellence in Estonian Studies and the Editor-in-chief of the’ Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore’ (founded 1996) and Mäetagused (1996 -). She coordinates many international research projects.

Her main area of the field reasearch is Estonia, Bulgaria, Byelorussia. Her research focus is on incantations and folk healers, folk religion, Estonian diaspora, mythology and contemporary folklore.

She is the author of ‘Folk Belief Today’ (1995), ‘Media, Folklore, Mythology’ (2000, in Estonian) ‘Estonian incantations’ (2011, in Estonian), ‘Estonian Incantation I. Healing words I’ (2019, in Estonian) and lots of other monographs, compilations and articles.

Read more: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mare_Koiva, https://www.kirmus.ee/