YBBS volume 4 is out of print 16.12.2021 and open the web 23.12.2021


Next volume coming soon.


Deadline for receiving proposals: is March 2022

The themes of articles may vary to, without being limited to:

  • Local, regional and global religious space (traditional, modern and postmodern religious movements and forms)
  • Religious diversity and inter-religious relations
  • Religion and Nationalism
  • Traditional confessions, new dimensions and new religious movements
  • Religiosity and Spirituality
  • Religious Identity and its representations
  • Religious interaction and religious expression: everyday life, festivities and ritual forms

Please use the following format for your submissions:

  • Title of the proposed theme;
  • Editors (along with institutional affiliation);
  • Importance of proposed theme (at least two arguments in support of the proposal);
  • Please list the names of contributors, and the working titles of the articles, add short abstract (maximum 300 characters).

All papers received under go a double-blind peer-review process. In addition to scholars within the ethnonoloy, folkloristics, religious or migration studies the reports and elaboration of joint methodological frameworks, data bases, registers, etc. are strongly encouraged.

Contributions for the 5th volume are welcomed before March 30. For further details or inquiries you may contact the Editors.


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