Senior Researcher, Žilvytis Šaknys, PhD, Ethnology and Anthropology department, Lithuanian Institute of History, Vilnius, Lithuania

Žilvytis Šaknys, PhD is a Senior Researcher at the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Lithuanian Institute of History, Vilnius, Lithuania.

He has field works in Lithuania, Byelorussia, Poland, Latvia and Bulgaria. His research interests are in the field of traditional and modern culture, ethnology of youth, urban ethnology, ethnology of friendship, ethnology of tourism, history of ethnology, ethnicity,  ethnic and confessional tolerance, ritual year. 

He is a member of Editorial board of the Journals ‘Lietuvos etnologija’ (Lithuanian Ethnology) ‘Etnografija’ (Ethnography), ‘Gimtasai kraštas’ (Native Land), ‘Žiemgala’, ‘Būdas’ (Habitus), ‘Latvijas vēstures institūta Žurnāls‘ (Journal of the Institute of Latvian History). 

He is the author of “Youth Initiation Rites in Lithuania; End of the 19th – 1st Half of the 20th C. (1996, in Lithuanian), ‘Lithuanian Calendar and Work Customs in Late 19th-1st Half of the 20th C.’ (2001, in Lithuanian), and many other monographs, compilations and articles.

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