Svetoslava Toncheva, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Assist. Prof. Svetoslava Toncheva, PhD, Department of Comparative Fplklore Studies at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies, BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria. She specialised in Austria, Germany and Netherlads. She was lecturer at the Institut of Slavisitc, Fridrich Shiller University Jena, Germany (2015). She’s author of monograph ‘Out of the New Spirituality of the Twentieth Century: The Dawn of Anthroposophy, the White Brotherhood and the Unified Teaching’, 2015 (BAS – in Bulgarian; Frank&Timme – in English). Her interests are in the field of religion and new religion mouvements and ecoethnology and enviromental studies.

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