Irina Sedakova, Dr.Sc, Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

 Prof. Irina Sedakova, Dr.Sc., Head of the Department of Typology and Comparative Linguistics and of the Center ‘BALCANICA, Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. She’s professor at the Russian State University of Humanities, Moscow, Russia. She’s philologist, specialist in the field of Ethnolinguistics, sociolinguistics and folklore. She’s vice-president of the Calendar committee (SIEF), secretary of the Ritual WG (SIEF), secretary of the Russian committee of the Study of South-Eastern Europe (AIESEE), president of the Organizing Committee of the annual conferences ‘Balkan Readings’ (Балканские чтения). She’s a member of Editorial board of the ethnolinguistic’s dictionary ‘Slavic Antiquities’.  (Slavyanskie drevnosti). Her research interests are in the theory of language unions, problems of archaic and contemporary ritual systems, folk religion, and language of media, Internet and publicity.

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