The Question of Preservation of National Traditions:

Culinary Heritage of Lithuanian Tatars

  • Galina Miškinienė
Keywords: cuisine, features, heritage, Lithuanian Tatars, traditions


The history of Lithuanian Tatars settled in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania encompasses more than 620 years. During all these years they were influenced by various political, economic, religious factors. This culturally and ethnically heterogeneous community due to the co-living side by side with Christians has been strongly assimilated and integrated to the local society. Tatars brought unique tradition, where pre-Islamic traditions and Islamic dogmas were tightly bounded. This mentioned synthesis did not stop evolving and changing. Finally, it was supplemented by elements, taken from Belarusians, Poles, Lithuanians and other nations of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, who had become neighbours of Tatars. Combination of several different cultures gave a distinctive shade to the faith, customs, and daily life as well as to the cultural heritage of Lithuanian Tatars. There are little works dedicated to the cultural heritage, especially to the cuisine of Lithuanian Tatars. Sparsely preserved culinary heritage of Lithuanian Tatars and its varieties in the national cuisine of Lithuania is being discussed in this article.