Parodies of Religious Hymns in Žemaitijan Carnival: Social Interaction and Cultural Expression: Everyday Life, Festivities and Ritual Forms


  • Lina Petrošienė Professor and senior research fellow at the Department of Philology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Klaipėda University


parodies of religious hymns, Carnival, Shrovetide, Žemaitija, Samogitia


On costumed processions in Žemaitija on Shrove Tuesday, the ‘beggars’ were and are among the main characters, as attested by the mask’s distribution area, the name ‘Shrovetide beggars’ being given to the whole band of masked people, and the relative abundance of the costumed “beggars”’ songs. This study examines some examples from the repertoire of Shrove Tuesday carnival songs in Žemaitija, parodies of religious hymns and folk songs, which the performers called hymns and which were performed in imitation of sacred singing. The present analysis identifies their features, origins and function at the Shrove Tuesday carnival.