Lake Managment in the Piebalga Region: Climate, Nature and Culture from the 1890s to Now

  • Karlis Aleksandrs Konkovs A Doctoral Student at the Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of Latvia, Latvia
Keywords: Piebalga region, culture, Hernhutian congregations, lake governance, environment protection, history, folklore


There are many regions in Latvia with a long history and beautiful landscapes. However, of all the regions, the most beautiful landscapes and the richest culture are in the Piebalga region. Piebalga is located in the Vidzeme highlands, where the longest domestic river in Latvia, the Gauja, has its source. There are several counties in the Piebalga region, the most famous of which is Vecpiebalga, where two of the first Latvian writers were born, the Kaudzītes brothers, who are well-known for their novel The Surveyors’ Time, one of the first books written by Latvians. In this study, the culture, religion and environmental management practices of Piebalga during the 19th century were studied using an extensive analysis of historical literature about the region, and compared to Piebalga in the present, which was studied using case study research. During the research it was discovered that the main influences on Piebalga culture and environmental management practices have been the Hernhutian congregations who influences had shaped the local culture and continues to do so even after being effectively disbanded. It was also discovered that the municipalities in the region are less effective at monitoring lakes than they were during the 19th century due to lacking resources.