Tree of the world
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Towards the underworld
The Influence of Oral Tradition on the Formation of Beliefs
Towards the heaven
Hereditary Transmission in Siberian Shamanism. In the electronical journal Folklore vol. 1
The Incantations of Tubyaku Kosterkin. In Folklore vol. 2
Little Mos'-woman. In Folklore vol. 3
Khanty Bear Feast Songs Collected by Wolfgang Steinitz in Folklore vol. 6


"The Great Oak, the Weaving Maidens and the Red Boat, not to Mention a Lost Brush" in Folklore vol. 11

The Great Oak and Brother-Sister in Folklore vol. 16.

On the Udmurt Water Spirit and the Formation of the Concept 'Holy'Among Permian Peoples in Folklore vol. 26.

The Spring Prayer Feasts in the Udmurt Village of Varklet-Bodya in Tatarstan in Cosmos vol. 18.

Liminal Periods in the Udmurt Ritual Year in First International Conference of the SIEF Working Group
on the Ritual Year. Proceedings. Ed. G. Mifsud-Chircop. Malta, March 20-24, 2005. Publishers Enterprisers Group

Nganasan Shamans

The Nganasan Shamans
from Kosterkin Family
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