Media & Folklore
Contemporary Folklore IV

Edited by Mare Kõiva

Tartu 2009

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7-9 Introduction


13-38 Sabine Wienker-Piepho
Das Handy – oder: vom erzählerischen Umgang mit dem Mobiltelefon

39-60 Helmut Fischer
Magazingeschichten. Erzählen in berichtend-kommentierenden Rundfunksendungen

61-96 Anu Vissel
Media as a Mediator of Games and the Source of New Ones

97-117 Mare Kõiva, Liisa Vesik
Contemporary Folklore, Internet andCommunities at the beginning of the 21st Century


121-142 Aado Lintrop
Shamanism and the Internet

143-151 Maris Kuperjanov
Means of Online Communication in the 1990s

152-161 Sander Vesik
Folklore on the Internet: About the Internet (and a Bit on Computers)

162-183 Mare Kõiva
Online Medicine. Communication and Narratives


185-194 Maarja Lõhmus
Mediamyths: the Struggle for Influence over Society through Journalism

195-204 Reet Hiiemäe
Violence in Mass Media: Stereotypes, Symbols, Reality

205-215 Ingrid Rüütel
Truth and Ethics in Visual Anthropology

216-238 Fionnuala Carson Williams
Proverbial Expressions, the Local Press and the Current “Troubles” in Northern Ireland

239-168 Risto Järv
Aren't Proverbs there for the Taking?References to Proverbs in Newspaper Texts


271-287 Gillian Bennett & Anne Rowbottom
“Born a Lady, Married a Prince, Died a Saint”: The Deification of Diana in the Press and Popular Opinion in Britain

288-312 Eda Kalmre
Legends Connected with the Sinking of the Ferry Estonia on September 28, 1994

313-344 Marju Kõivupuu
Roadside Cemeteries


347-389 Taive Särg
Covers and Foklore. Contra's Songs

390-402 Tiiu Jaago
Information transmission on the border of ingroup and outgroup groups. Opposition – integration