The principal aim of the cooperation project is to approach the role of creativity and tradition in > Eastern European cultural space, addressing different genres of folklore. More details here. > Additionally, research focuses on a more narrow area of creativity, namely its expression in > language, and describes through comparative means elements of communication styles in both > cultures. More details here.

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30.02.2019 Fourth International Communication Styles Conference Radical Thought – Radical Language - Radical Communication Style, Krosno, Poland 12-13 November 2019. See the CALL FOR PAPERS and spread the word!
20.01.2019 Across Borders VIII: Cultural and Linguistic Shifts in the 21st Century - Krosno, 3-4 June 2019. See the CALL FOR PAPERS.
28.11.2017 Prof Wladyslaw Chlopicki's lecture on Communication styles, "Broadening boundaries of humour experience through a cultural lens" will be delivered on November 28, 2017, at the Estonian Literary Museum (4th floor Seminar room) at 12:00. All listeners are welcome!
28.09.2017 Third International Communication Styles Conference, Krosno, POLAND, 22-24 October 2017. See HERE to look at the programme.
28.03.2017 Across Borders VII: Cultures in Dialogue - Tartu, Estonia, 27-29 April 2017. See HERE for more details.
1.11.2016 Half-day seminar and workshop on communication styles for planning joint research and outcomes Programme here
10.05.2016 Some photos from the Culinary conference on May 2, 2016 (by Natalia Bunkevich) are here
23.03.2016 Upcoming conference on culinary culture on May 2, 2016. Take a look at the conference programme.
20.03.2016 First cooperation visit to Poland was held in March 14 - 18, 2016, to Poland (Kraków and Lodź). See the visit report here
15.01.2016 New project on communication styles launched in January 2016!
1.10.2015 Second international conference on communication styles in Krosno, Poland, 12-14 October 2015. Programme here
1.10.2013 First international conference on communication styles in Krosno, Poland, 14-16 October 2013. Programme here
31.05.2013 Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are finally out! You can also find them as e-publications here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).
20.10.2011 Article guidelines
Books from the first project can be bought here !