The Team:


Tõnno Jonuks.
Has studied archaeology and theology at the University of Tartu, concentrating on Estonian prehistoric religion. In addition to religion, he has worked with the Scandinavian older literature and mythology, studied Icelandic at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik, translated and studied Old Norse religious texts. Has worked at the Museum of Rakvere as archaeologist. Presently a researcher at Estonian Literary Museum and the project leader of the Radar project.

Pille Parder.
Has studied Estonian language and literature as well as folk art at the University of Tartu. For the last two years has worked at the department of folkloristics at Estonian Literary Museum as a digitalizer of rare paleographic archives, a proofreader of the magazine Mäetagused. She joined the Radar project in 2003 and has ever since been active in collecting and systematizing of the archives material, preparing and conducting the field-work and processing of the gathered data.

Ell Vahtramäe.
Works as folklorist at Estonian Literary Museum. Has studied dreams, fairy tales, oral tradition of Estonians who migrated to Siberia, school narratives and names. Mostly active in supervising schoolchildren, proofreading and editing of the texts and introducing them in press.

Anne Kaaber.
Has studied Estonian language and English translation. Has thoroughly researched local cases and computer terminology. Since 2002 works as the teacher of English and Estonian language, literature and history at Saatse primary school. Also engaged in the work of Estonian Literary Museum concerning the proofreading of religious and folk tales and the Radar project.

Mare Kalda.
Works as folklorist at Estonian Literary Museum. Her research subjects are connected with folk tales: legends of hidden treasures, the connections of treasure tradition and sites, the motifs of the Northern War in oral tradition, also the keys to the tale formation more generally and harnessing of written sources, including press texts, in the past as well as contemporary traditional information exchange.

Indrek Zolk.
Studies mathematics at the University of Tartu. Has worked as computer administrator at Estonian Literary Museum. Being one of the initialists of the Radar project, took part in the field-work conducted in the parishes of Viru-Nigula and Väike-Maarja in 2003, determining the coordinates and digitalizing the measuring results.

Andres Kuperjanov
Works at the department of folkloristics, where he conducts research in cosmology, astral mythology and oral tradition of trees. He is an astronomer by education, a member of Astronomy Club of Tartu Old Observatory, has completed celestial maps and planisphere of Estonian sky. Belongs to Estonian Society of Prehistoric Art. Is the editor of magazines Mäetagused and Folklore (An electronic Journal of Folklore).

Mare Kõiva
Works at the department of folkloristics. Has studied spells, the media, myths and mythology, good narrators, fictions, contemporary folklore, shooting stars and many other interesting things. During the last eight years has been a serious internet-enthusiast and thus engaged in virtual communities and digital media. The editor of magazines Mäetagused and Folklore (An electronic Journal of Folklore).

Priit Lätti
Has studied archaeology and history at the University of Tartu and conducted a more thourough research of the early history of Järva County. Has taken part in archaeological excavations and landscape survey trips in many parts of Estonia. Engaged in the Radar project since November 2004.


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