ISFNR videos

Opening keynote: Terry Gunnell Narrative and Space

Plenary lectures:
Satu Apo The Relationship between Oral and Literary Tradition as a Challenge in Fairy Tale Research
Dan Ben-Amos Narratives: What are They Good for and why do We Keep Telling Them
Arvo Krikmann Contemporary Linguistic Theories of Humour
Charles L. Briggs The Communicability of Tradition: Narratives and Power in Discursive Imaginaries
Carl Lindahl The Uses of Terror: Appalachian Märchen Performed, Reconstructed, and Remembered
Emily Lyle Narrative Themes and the Structure of Myths
Sadhana Naithani The Post-Modern and the Post-Colonial in Folklore

Keynote lecture of the section Proverbs: Wolfgang Mieder "The Proof of the Proverb is in the Probing": Alan Dundes as Pioneering Paremiologist
Keynote lecture of the section Vernacular Genres - Vernacular Religion: Leonard Norman Primiano Vernacular Religion and the Ambiguity of Power
Keynote lecture of the section Computer Mediated Communication & Databases: Vilmos Voigt Theory of Database in Folk Narrative Studies