Folklore vol. 45

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2010/02 ISSN 1406-0949

Shaman, Psychoanalyst or Obstetrician: A Critical Reading of Claude Lévi-Strauss’ Essay “The Efficiency of Symbols” 7
Staffan Mjönes


Healers and Healing Skills in the Ryzhkovo Vironian Community 27
Anu Korb


The Heavenly Cow Rupan and the Festival of Ceremonial Torture Gai-Goheri: Myth, Rituals and Sacrifice among the People of the Bhil Tribe of Western India 47
Sarita Sahay


Dog Sacrifice in Ancient and Modern Greece: From the Sacrifice Ritual to Dog Torture (kynomartyrion) 61
Manolis G. Sergis


The Moche Lima Beans Recording System, Revisited 89
Tomi S. Melka


About the Comparison of the State Authority and Social Organization by Incas and Aztecs 137
Tarmo Kulmar


Sagnagrunnur: A New Database of Icelandic Folk Legends in Print 151
Terry Gunnell


Some Reflections on the Savara's Ethnomedicine 163
L. Madan Mohan


 News in brief
IUAES 16th World Congress in China - Rahel Laura Vesik [173]
3rd Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Proverbs in Tavira - Anneli Baran [175]
The 2nd All-Russian Conference of Folklorists in Moscow - Anu Korb [176]
President’s Folklore Awards 2009 - Astrid Tuisk [177]
 Book review
Reception of Fairy-Tales - Kärri Toomeos-Orglaan [180]
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