Folklore vol. 43

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Do You See What I See? The Mythic Landscape in the Immediate World 7


Adonis Revisited: Erotic Representations of the Male Body in Women’s Crime Fiction 27
Brigitte Frizzoni


Jokes in Soviet Estonia 43
Arvo Krikmann


Death in a 19th-Century Peasant Society – Analysed by Means of a Peasant’s Diaries from a Rural Community on the Western Coast of Sweden 67
Anders Gustavsson


Narrative Scholar and Narrated Lives: Life Writing and (Self-)Representation 97
Kristin Kuutma


The Narratives of Oskar Loorits and Paul Ariste and Their Problematic Dialogue with the ‘Popular’ 123
Madis Arukask


On the Life and Work of Academician Arvo Krikmann on His 70th Birthday - Mari Sarv [143]
 News in brief
Thesis defence: Liisi Laineste, Post-Socialist Jokes in Estonia: Continuity and Change - Arvo Krikmann [149]
Thesis defence: Tõnno Jonuks Prehistoric Religions in Estonia - Yuri Berezkin [152]
Symposium Charms, Charmers and Charming held on 21–27 June 2009 in Athens - Emanuela Timotin [160]
Report from the SIEF Working Group of the Ritual Year Conference on 2–6 July 2009 in Kaunas, Lithuania - Marlene Hugoson [163]
Baltic Worldview: From Mythology to Folklore - Lina Būgienė, Daiva Vaitkevičienė [166]
 Book review
Type Scenes in the Heroic Epics of Siberian Peoples - Dmitrii A. Funk [169]
Three Volumes about Social policy - Aimar Ventsel [176]
A Representative Selection of Folksongs of Latvians in Siberia - Anu Korb [180]
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