Folklore vol. 42

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Sacred Natural Places
Guest editor Tõnno Jonuks

Iron Age Cemeteries and Hiisi Sites: Is There a Connection? 7
Anna Wessman


Hiis Sites in the Research History of Estonian Sacred Places 23
Tõnno Jonuks


Sacred Natural Places of Estonia: Regional Aspects 45
Heiki Valk


The Sacred Groves of the Curonian Ķoniņi: Past and Present 67
Sandis Laime


The Sacred Groves of the Balts: Lost History and Modern Research 81
Vykintas Vaitkevičius


On a Grave Symbol from Northwest Belarus 95
Andrei Prokhorov


Die heiligen Wälder der Slawen in Pommern im frühen Mittelalter 111
Andrzej Kuczkowski, Kamil Kajkowski


The Changing Meaning of ‘Thunderbolts’ 129
Kristiina Johanson


 In Memoriam
Harry William Mürk (8 June 1954 – 24 February 2009)
 News in brief
International Conference “Natural Holy Places in Archaeology and Folklore in the Baltic Sea Region” - Vykintas Vaitkevičius [177]
The Second Seminar of Estonian and Lithuanian Folklorists: “Traditions and Innovations in Contemporary Society 2” - Piret Voolaid [179]
20 Years of the Estonian Society of Prehistoric Art - Enn Ernits, Väino Poikalainen [182]
2008 President’s Folklore Awards - Astrid Tuisk [184]
 Book review
A Book on Sacred Sites of a Region in Latvia - Tõnno Jonuks [187]
A Book about Changes in the Religion of the Vasyugan Khanty - Virág Dyekiss [190]
Review of Michael Berman’s The Nature of Shamanism and the Shamanic Story - Andrew O. Wiget [195]
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