Folklore vol. 41

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Generation P in the Tundra: Youth in Siberia
Guest editor Aimar Ventsel

Introduction: Generation P in the Tundra. Young People and the Russian North 7
Aimar Ventsel


Settlement Nenets on the Yamal Peninsula: Who Are They? 33
Elena V. Liarskaya


Mobile Phone Revolution in the Tundra? Technological Change among Russian Reindeer Nomads 47
Florian M. Stammler


From Drums to Frying Pans, From Party Membership Card to “Magic Branch” Withe: Three Generations of Nanai Shamans 79
Tatiana D. Bulgakova


Tibetan Landscapes in Chukotka: The Consumption of Esoteric Mass Production in the Community of Markovo Village 97
Marina Hakkarainen


The Role of Pop Music and Other Phenomena of Modern Culture in the Preservation of Komi Language 119
Nikolay Kuznetsov


Kickboxing, Breakdance and Pop Music versus Wrestling, Round Dance and Folk Music? Popular Culture in Buryatia Today 131
Stefan Krist


Dancing in the House of Koryak Culture 143
Alexander D. King


Bright Future?” The Knowledge, Practices and Strategies of the Young People in a South Siberian Evenki Village 163
István Sántha


Does Life Make More Sense Now? Young People’s Life Projects and the New Feeling of Stability in Russia 189
Joachim Otto Habeck


A Tale of Two Sisters: Age, Agency and Tradition among the Yugan Khanty 207
Andrew Wiget, Olga Balalaeva


The Role of Young People in Resistance against the Soviet Rule among the Northern Peoples in the 1930s–1940s 219
Art Leete


 News in brief
26th ISCLR Conference in Dublin - Mare Kõiva [233]
Medica 2008: Narratives about Illnesses and Their Treatment - Piret Paal [235]
New Religious Movements in the Russian North - Art Leete [239]
 Book review
Masking and Mumming from the Perspective of the Estonian Tradition - Piret Õunapuu [242]
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