Folklore vol. 38

Folk Narrative Theories and Contemporary Practices V

The Abanyole Dirge: “Escorting” the Dead with Song and Dance 7
Ezekiel Alembi


Rituals around Sudden Death in Recent Years 23
Anders Gustavsson


Conceptual Analysis and Variation in Belief Tradition: A Case of Death-Related Beings 45
Kaarina Koski


“The First Buddhist Priest on the Baltic Coast”: Karlis Tennison and the Introduction of Buddhism in Estonia 67
Mait Talts


A Wise Fool’s Anecdotal Cycle in Malta: A Reappraisal 113
Ġorġ (George) Mifsud-Chircop


In Memoriam Ġorġ Mifsud-Chircop 133
Mare Kõiva
On the Writing Systems of Ancient Peru: The Possibility of the Quellqa and the Quipu as an Instrument of Power of the Incas 135
Tarmo Kulmar


 News in brief
Reflecting on Knowledge Production - Kristin Kuutma [145]
PhD Dissertation on Religious Phenomena of Indigenous Ingrians - Enn Ernits [146]
International Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society (AFS) and Folklore Studies Association of Canada (FSAC) in Quebec - Liisi Laineste [149]
Conference in Honour of Ülo Tedre - Piret Voolaid [151]
 Book review
A Shamanic Book without Shamanic Stories - Aado Lintrop [157]
A Book on the Origin of the Indigenous Peoples of the New World - Nikolay Kuznetsov [165]
True Stories about Ancient Peoples - Peeter Espak [170]
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