Folklore vol. 36

Folk Narrative Theories and Contemporary Practices III

The Roasted Cock Crows: Apocryphal Writings (Acts of Peter, the Ethiopic Book of the Cock, Coptic Fragments, the Gospel of Nicodemus) and Folklore Texts 7
Ilona Nagy


Making the Myth Real: The Genre of Hebrew Itineraries to the Holy Land in the 12th–13th Century 41
Ayelet Oettinger


Dwarfs and Cranes. Baltic-Finnish Mythologies in Eurasian and American Perspective (70 years after Yrjö Toivonen) 67
Yuri Berezkin


The Neutralization of Tropes in Armenian Fairy Tale Narratives 89
Alvard Jivanyan


Structural-Semantic Analysis and Some Peculiarities of Lithuanian Novelle Tales 101
Radvilė Racėnaitė


The ‘Bluebeard’ Dream – the Affinity between Female Dream Narratives and Fairy Tales 113
Ravit Raufman


A Function of Dream Narratives in Fairy Tales 129
Judit Gulyás


The Forbidden Love in Nature. Analysis of the “Animal Wife” Folktale in Terms of Content Level, Structural Level, and Semantic Level 141
Fumihiko Kobayashi


News in brief
Igor Tõnurist 60: The cat that walks alone - 153
Post-Socialist Jokelore - 156
MEDICA IV: Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany in Cultural Context and Everyday Life - 157
Book Review
A Book about Memory and Places, Geography and Philosophy - 160
A Book on Folk Hymn Tradition - 163

An Electronical Journal of Folklore
vol. 36. 2007

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