Folklore vol. 33

Folk Narrative Theories and Contemporary Practices I

Narratives, Space and Drama: Essential Spatial Aspects Involved in the Performance and Reception of Oral Narrative 7
Terry Gunnell


Contemporary Linguistic Theories of Humour 27
Arvo Krikmann


Narrative Form and the Structure of Myth 59
Emily Lyle


The Modern Genre of Finnish Mass Sermon 71
Päivikki Antola


Poetry in Action: Verse and Narration in Everyday Communication 85
Robin Gwyndaf


The Karelia of Memories - Utopias of a Place 95
Outi Fingerroos


Manuscripts and Broadsheets. Narrative Genres and the Communication Circuit among Working-Class Youth in early 20th-Century Finland 109
Kirsti Salmi-Niklander


Paul Ariste Centre for Indigenous Finno-Ugric Peoples at the University of Tartu Has Been Active for Five Years (1999-2004) 127
Kadi Sarv


Discussion Point
Interview with Emily Lyle - 139
Interview with Reimund Kvideland - 145
News in brief
Individual and Collective in Traditional Culture. Ingrid Rüütel 70 - 149
The First Russian Folklorists’ Congress in Moscow - 152
Of People and Pets. Third Seminar in the Series - 156
Paul Ariste and Finno-Ugric Languages - 158
Anniversary Seminar of the Finnish Literary Society in Tartu - 160
On the Conference of Contemporary Legend Research in Copenhagen, May 29 - June 1, 2006 - 161
Senses and Religion - 164

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