Folklore vol. 30

Welcome to Estonia! From the Folk Theory of Emotions and Character Traits to Brand Estonia 7
Ene Vainik & Heili Orav


Art Deco in Estonian and Latvian Graphic Design Journals 43
Merle Talvik


Traditional Childcare and Treatment of Children's Diseases among the Besermian 65
Yelena Popova


Forest Myths: A Brief Overview of Ideologies Before St. Stefan 97
Pavel F. Limerov


Coitus in the Symbolic Language of Slavic Culture 135
Aleksandr V. Gura


Animals in the Traditional Worldview of the Yorùbá 155
Ajibade George Olusola


Plants in Estonian Folk Medicine: Collection, Formation and Overview of Previous Research 173
Renata Sõukand, Ain Raal


Discussion Point
Interview with Galit Hasan-Rokem - 201
In Memoriam
Anu Vissel (16.12.1952-6.09. 2005)
News in brief
10th Congress of Finno-Ugric Studies in the Republic of Mari - 213
ISFNR 14th congress, session Computer-Mediated Communications and Databases - 218
ISFNR 14th congress, Bibliography Workshop - 220
MEDICA II. Interdisciplinary conference on medical anthropology - 223
Liina Saarlo defended her doctoral thesis - 226
An Estonian View on a Finnish Family Narratives' Study - 230
Taive Särg defended hed doctoral thesis on the relationships of text and tune in Kalevala-metric folk songs - 223
Where Are Riddles? - 238

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vol. 30. October 2005

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