Folklore vol. 28

Popular Religion in Multiconfessional Environment
Guest editor Ergo-Hart Västrik

Rumor, Belief, and Contestation Amid the Conversion Movement to Orthodoxy in Northern Livonia, 1845-1848 7
Daniel C. Ryan


Pilgrims, Priest and Local Religion in Contemporary Russia: Contested Religious Discourses 25
Jeanne Kormina


The Self-Conception of the Setu Woman Ksenia Müürsepp 41
Merili Metsvahi


The Traits of Cultural Contacts Between Orthodox and Lutheran Commemoration Practices Among Ingrian Finnish Women 57


Strategies of Constructing a Group Identity: the Sectarian Community of the Subbotniki in the Staniza Novoprivolnaia 91
Sergey Shtyrkov


New Religious Movements and the Study of Folklore: The Russian Case 111
Alexander Panchenko


Time, Sense and Meaning in Three Votic Songs (with Reference to Estonian and Setu Additions) 129
Madis Arukask


On the Strategies of Maintaining and Transmitting Religious Tradition among Ingrian Finnish Seuralaiset-Movement 151
Ergo-Hart Västrik


In Memoriam
Loreida Raudsep 7.05.1922 - 13.11.2004
News in brief
SIEF Congress 2004 in Marseilles. - 183
People and Pets - 184
Votian day at the Estonian Literary Museum - 186
Introductory Seminar of the MEDICA series - 190
On Archaeological Fieldwork in Virumaa in 2004 - 191
Arvo Krikmann was awarded the 2004 Baltic Assembly Prize in Science - 197
Generation P in the Tundra - 198

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vol. 28. December 2004

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