Folklore vol. 27

From Stone Graves to Churchyards. Burial traditions in the Late Prehistoric and Early Medieval Island of Saaremaa 7
Marika Mägi


Reflections on International Narrative Research on the Example of The Tale of the Three Oranges 29
Christine Shojaei Kawan


A Hearer's Insight into Deaf Sign Language Folklore 49
Liina Paales


Synonymic Relationships of Estonian Similes Related to the Concept "kiiresti" 85
Katre Õim


On Factors Affecting Folkloristic Fieldwork: On the Example of Estonians in Siberia 101
Anu Korb


LEPP: The portal of South-Estonian folklore 133
Mare Kõiva, Liisa Vesik


About Attitudes towards Death in the Light of Psychology 163
Argo Moor


Folkore Studies and Ethnology in Slovenia I 185
Mare Kõiva, Andres Kuperjanov


The Authors Respond: Echoes of Ancient Cataclysms in the Baltic Sea 193
Ain Haas, Andres Peekna, Robert E. Walker
In Memoriam
Vaina Mälk 10.12.1922-7.04.2004
News in brief
Annual Perspectives on Contemporary Legend. 22nd Conference - 200
The 10th British Universities Siberian Studies Seminar - 203
Folklore Collection Campaign: Biographies of Estonians in Russia - 204
Book Review
Minä, tila, tunne. Senni Timonen - 207
Stuorra-Jovnnan ladut. Marjut Huuskonen - 208
The Maiden's Death Song & The Great Wedding Lauri Honko, Anneli Honko, Paul Hagu - 212
O pustu, maskah in maskiranju: Razprave in gradiva Jurij Fikfak, Aleš Gačnik, Naško Križnar, Helena Ložar-Podlogar - 214
The Siberian Curse. Fiona Hill, Clifford Gaddy - 217
Red Ties and Residential Schools. Alexia Bloch - 218
Goldrausch. Abenteuer in Alaska um 1900. Dieter Harmening - 219
Reflections on ethnographic photographing - 221 Exhibitions

Electronic Journal of Folklore
vol. 27. October 2004

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