Folklore vol. 26

On the Udmurt Water Spirit and the Formation of the Concept 'Holy' among Permian Peoples 7
Aado Lintrop


Taarapita - the Great God of the Oeselians 27
Urmas Sutrop


Handling Collective Fear in Folklore 65
Reet Hiiemäe


Oral Epics in Kalahandi 81
Mahedra Kumar Mishra


Folk Belief or Anecdote? On the Genre Logic of Rehepapp by Andrus Kivirähk in the Context of Folklore Genres 101
Ott Heinapuu, Katre Kikas


Oral Literature of the Sukuma 113
Immaculate Mirambo


In Memoriam
Vaike Sarv 06.01.1946-27.04.2004
News in brief
Bibliography Prize to Karin Maria Rooleid - 125
President's Folklore Prize and Contributions to the Estonian Folklore Archives in 2003 - 127
100 Years Young. Richard Viidalepp. (Jan. 23, 1904 -June 3, 1986) - 131
Interdisciplinary Conference `Estonian Sky' - 134
Tiia Ristolainen Defended her Doctoral Thesis - 137
MA Thesis on Songs and Women's Issue at the University of Tartu - 140
Book Review
Of Corpse: Death and Humor in Folklore and Popular Culture Ed. Peter Narvaez - 144
Passer mortus est... The Ynglingasaga Translated into Estonian by Tõnno Jonuks. - 147

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vol. 26. April 2004

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