Folklore vol. 25

Folkloristics Online. The Estonian Experience 7
Mare Kõiva


Compilation of the Database of Estonian Phrases 35
Katre Õim, Asta Õim, Anne Hussar, Anneli Baran


Analysis of a Media Channel 73
Liisa Vesik


Constructing Digital Databases of the Periphery of Estonian Riddles. Database Estonian Droodles 87
Piret Voolaid


Researching Humor on the Internet 93
Liisi Laineste


Discussion Point
Radar Project: Interactive Map of Cultural History 99
News in brief
Asta Õim 60 - 103
A Day of Phraseology at the Estonian Literary Museum - 107
Venemaale veerenud `Rolled to Russia': The Day of the Estonians in Siberia and the Volga Region - 111
The Grand Old Man of Estonian Ethnology: Ants Viires 85 - 116
Argo Moor's Doctor's Thesis is a Thanatological Monograph - 123

Book Review
On Parade Making Heritage in Linsborg, Kansas by Gráden, Lizette - 126

An Electronical Journal of Folklore
vol. 25. December 2003

ISSN 1406-0949
Published by: FB and Media Group of LM
Edited by Mare Kõiva & Andres Kuperjanov
© Folk Belief and Media Group of Estonian Literary Museum

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