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Dr Mrinal Medhi (Gauhati Ülikool, India) loengud 14. ja 15. mail 2019 Tartu Ülikoolis

Dr Mrinal Medhi (Gauhati Ülikool, India) peab kaks loengut eesti ja võrdleva rahvaluule osakonnas.
14. mail kell 16.15 peab loengu teemal “History of Folklore Study in North East India” (Ülikooli 16-214).
North East India is bounded by China, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh. This region comprises of seven states, with Assam the largest in area and population. With other parts of India, this region also became free from the British rule in 1947. The first university in this region, the Gauhati University in Assam was established in 1948 and since then, it is playing a very important role in the study and teaching of different academic disciplines including folklore. In fact, this university was the first to start the teaching and study of Folklore in the entire region. This lecture will discern the history of Folklore Study in in North East India.

15. mail kell 16.15 toimub teine loeng “Narrative Structure of Assamese Folktales” (Ülikooli 16-212)
Assamese is a major Indian language spoken in the north eastern part of India. This language has been derived from the classical Sanskrit language interspersed with many words and expressions from various Mongoloid groups living together. Assamese language is quite rich in oral literature, particularly, in folk narratives. Folktales and ballads have been the subjects of major analytical studies, including motifs, types and morphologies. This lecture will attempt to throw light into the narrative structure of Assamese Folktales.
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