Practical information

Recommended hostels and hotels

All the listed accommodations are with a central location and close to the conference site.
We have pre-arranged some single and double rooms in the hotels listed below. Don't forget to mention the conference Across Borders when booking with them:

Pepleri hostel - starting from 20 EUR / person per night (shared room) or 30 EUR / person per night (single room) (no breakfast included)
Hektor hostel - starting from 20 EUR / person per night in a single room, most rooms with a private bathroom
Dorpat conference hotel - starting from 38 EUR / person per night in a double room and 60 EUR / person pern night in a single room (breakfast, parking, free entrance to Tartu night clubs included:) For booking, email the hotel administrator ( The offer is valid until April 3, 2017.

Other very good hostels and hotels

Other hostels and hotels that we recommend have not been pre-booked by us, so getting a room there depends on how early you contact them.
Hostel Looming - starting from 20 EUR / person per night
Barclay hotel - starting from 55 EUR / person per night

We also encourage the participants to search for what's on offer in airbnb and other alternative accommodation websites. Staying in an apartment can give an opportunity to live like a local. All the hotels can easily be booked on the Internet through any of the major hotel booking websites.