Folkloristide talvekonverents "Haldjas 10"
Marguse Puhkekeskuses 15.-16. detsembril 2005

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The Annual Folklorists' Conference "Haldjas 10"

The Estonian Literary Museum's Folklorist Department is holding the folklorist winter conference "Haldjas 10" on December 15-16, 1005, at Marguse Puhkekeskus, Nüpli, near Otepää.

This conference celebrates ten years of the first and so far only folklore server in Estonia. The server Haldjas, born in December 1995, contains in addition to current folkloristic information web also pages on folklore and belief of Finno-Ugric peoples, article collections, databases, electronic publications, scientific journals Folklore and Mäetagused, translations of theoretical articles of the field. Haldjas is also symbolic of the ten years of comupterisation in Estonian folkloristics, having on the one hand made the folklorist's technical work easier (expressed by the unforeseen number of printed and virtual publications, the digitisation of folklore archives, maintaining and access to the digitised data via computers and computer networks) and on the other hand, having given birth to a new subject of study in the form of electronic folklore.

The conference aims to make a brief review of the past ten years of developmental issues of computerisation in folkloristics, to search for new interesting theoretical and practical solutions and trend forecasts. We welcome to the conference (with or without a presentation) everyone whose folkloristic research interests and output are to some extent related to the electronic world.

We ask that those willing to contribute a paper (20+10 minutes with discussion) send the preliminary title or topic by November 10 together with some information about themselves (name, institution, position, e-mail address, phone). By December 1, we expect the final title and short abstract (up to half a page electronically). It is possible to use computer, internet and video projector at the conference site. Poster presentations are welcome.

Since the space is limited, participants are asked to register by November 25 on the mail address given below. Please add your name, institution, position, mailing address and phone.

The conference participation fee is 100 Kroons (free for performers), including accommodation, food and transport from the Literary Museum in Tartu to Nüpli and back.

Piret Voolaid
Estonian Literary Museum, Folkloristics Department
Vanemuise 42, Tartu 50003
Phone: +372-7377 742
Faks: +372-7377 706

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