The Ritual Year 6

The Inner and the Outer

4-7 June, 2010
Tallinn, Estonia

The Societé Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF) Ritual Year Working Group is making a revised call for papers for the 2010 conference. Please note the conference location has been changed from Hungary to Estonia. The conference is organized by the Estonian Literary Museum and Estonian Folklore Institute.

Call for papers

The overall idea of the conference will be to explore concepts of the inner and the outer in a variety of contexts. The theme could relate to activities taking place inside the home or other closed environment as opposed to those taking place out-of-doors. It could also relate in a wider perspective to an insider’s view as opposed to an outsider’s interpretation (the emic and etic dimensions of folklore studies) or to a specific culture and the impact upon it from outside influences. A new “inside” culture has come into being in many places, Neopaganism, which quite a large number of people have chosen as their “home” and this will be a sub-theme of the conference. Another sub-theme will be the Finno-Ugrian Ritual Year, which has been a fruitful topic in past conferences. Papers may also be offered on other aspects of the ritual year, unrelated to the overall theme. It should be noted, however, that all papers should apply to the ritual year.

Revised deadline for submission of titles and abstracts: 31 January 2010. Submission of abstracts and registration can be performed on the conference homepage: Those who had already submitted abstracts by the date originally set may expect to receive a response by the end of 2009. New submissions can expect an answer in early February 2010. Film submissions are also invited.

Conference Fee: 70 EUR. You will receive further instructions on payment after your paper has been accepted. Conference Excursion: details will be published later on the conference web page.

Conference location

Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. Tallinn has about 400,000 inhabitants. The Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is about four kilometres from Town Hall square and the conference venue is situated nearby. There is a local bus connection between the airport and the edge of the city centre (bus no. 2).

Conference venue

Theological Institute, Pühavaimu Str 6. This is the oldest private university in Estonia, established in 1946. The Theological Institute is located in a 14th century building, in the middle of the Old Town of Tallinn. The medieval Tallinn old town in listed among the UNESCO world heritage sites. From 5th to 12th of June, Tallinn will be celebrating the 29th Old Town Days. For more information about Tallinn and objects of interest, see


The Theological Institute has a hospice with 8 guest rooms (ca 23 places) for accommodation. The rooms are on the third floor of the conference venue. The price is approximately 20 EUR, breakfast included. Contact for more information.

We would also recommend Hotel St. Barbara but you are encouraged to look for the best offer from various booking services. If you look the conference venue up on Google maps you can also search for nearby hotels.

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Organizers: Estonian Literary Museum, Estonina Folklore Institute

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