Meditsiiniantropoloogia konverents Medica VII
International colloquium "People vs the Natural and the Artificial. Power relations"

9.–10. aprillil 2010 Tartus
Tartu, 09.–10. april 2010


MEDICA VII. International Interdisciplinary Conference
People vs the Natural andthe Artificial. Power relations
Time: 09-10 April 2010
Place: Tartu, Estonia
Conference venue: Hotel Tartu, Soola 3
The conference working language is English.

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Friday, the 9th of April 2010

09.00 Registration
09.45-10.00 Opening, welcome words
10.00-11.00 Lars-Chirster Hydén (Sweden, Linköping) Illness Narratives – Voices in Dialogue
11.00-12.00 Mare Kõiva (Estonia, Tartu) Folk Healers Talk about Their Patients
12.00-13.00 Lunch break
13.00-13.30 Georg Drakos (Sweden, Stockholm) The Dialogue and Asymmetric Relations in the Doctor's Encounter with the Patient
13.30-14.00 Iacob Ionela Florina (Romania, Babes-Bolyai) The Refusal of Blood by Jehovah's Witnesses. A Romanian Case Study
14.00-14.30 Eve Annuk (Estonia, Tartu) Constructing Illness in Pathography
{Coffee break}
14.45-15.15 Florence Vandendorpe (Beligum, Louvain-La-Neuve) It Happened to the Great Goddess, Too
15.15-15.45 Siiri Tomingas-Joandi (Estonia, Tartu) Illnesses Described in Estonian and Swedish Legends of Changelings
15.45-16.15 Kristiina Johanson (Estonia, Tartu) Healing with Stones - Archaeological Implications
{Coffee break}
16.30-17.00 Eriko Kawanishi (Kyoto, Japan/UK) Illness for Spiritual Leaders
17.00-17.30 Marju Kõivupuu (Estonia, Tallinn) Illness as a Symbol of Status: Tradition, Recent Past and Present

Saturday, the 10th of April 2010

09.00-10.00 Taina Kinnunen (Finland, Oulu) Design body and medical technology
{Coffee break}
10.15-10.45 Liina Paales (Estonia, Tartu) The Cochlear Implant in Deaf Humor
10.45-11.15 Piret Paal (Finland, Helsinki) Cancer Patients' Sensations towards the Deficiencies in the Biomedical Healing Drama and the Power of Healing Narrative
11.15-11.45 Sonja Aevermann (Germany, Frankfurt/Main) Illness Narratives “Bronchial Asthma – No Hope for children”?
11.45-12.45 Lunch break
12.45-13.15 Kaarina Rein (Estonia, Tartu) Medical Orations at Academia Gustaviana Dorpatensis
13.15-13.45 Ave Tupits (Estonia, Tartu) MD V. Sumberg as an Initiator of Folk Medicine Recordings in the Early 1920s
13.45-14.15 Renata Sõukand, Raivo Kalle (Estonia, Tartu) The Narrative of Recognition: Finding the Right Plant
{Coffee break}
14.30-15.00 Marika Tammaru, Judit Strömpl (Estonia, Tartu) Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in Estonia: Helga's Life Story
15.00-15.30 Elsa Frazao Mateus (Portugal, Lisbon) The Social Life of a Biological Therapy
15.30-16.00 Tiiu Jaago (Estonia, Tartu) Death and Illness in Life-Stories
{Coffee break}
16.15-16.45 Irina Ilina (Russia, Syktyvkar) Prospects of Using Traditional Medical Knowledge of the Komi People in Creating a Health Maintenance System for Europe's North-Eastern Population
16.45-17.15 Sinikka Vakimo (Finland, Joensuu) Aspects of Studying Multicultural Health Concepts

17.15 Open discussion

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The conference is organized by the Department of Folkloristics of the Estonian Literary Museum and the Estonian Folklore Institute. Organizing committee: Mare Kõiva, Piret Paal, Renata Sõukand and Kurmo Konsa. The conference is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

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