Dedicated to the 75th Birthday of Academician Arvo Krikmann
August 18, 2014
Estonian Academy of Sciences (Kohtu Str. 6, Tallinn)

The symposium is dedicated to the 75th birthday of Arvo Krikmann, one of the most versatile and productive Estonian folklorist, senior researcher at the Estonian Literary Museum and a member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

The current and past works of Arvo Krikmann include an array of topics, ranging from the origin, historiography and textology of Estonian and Baltic-Finnic short forms of folklore to the applications of quantitative methodology in folkloristics and dialectology, but also to the sources of Estonian phraseology and folk rhetoric, the structural levels and interrelations of the short forms of folklore, the syntax, logic, modalities and semantics of figurative speech, classification in paremiology, theoretical approaches to the study of metaphor and other figures of speech, geographical distribution of folklore and dialects, and last but not least, humour.


11:00 Welcome coffee at the Academy of Sciences

11.30 - 14.00

Peeter Tulviste (Estonian Academy of Sciences)
Joanna Szerszunowicz (University of Bialystok) - Priamels as Carries of Cultural Information
Ülo Valk (University of Tartu) - Animals, Animism and Vernacular Theorising
Alexandra Arkhipova (Russian State University for the Humanities) - To Fear Stalin, to Laugh at Fidel: Two Ways of Tabooing in Authoritarian Societies
Yuri Berezkin (Russian Academy of Sciences (Kunstkamera)) - Three Tricksters: World Distribution of Zoomorphic Protagonists in Folklore Tales
Mare Kõiva (Estonian Literary Museum) - Invented Sacrality

14.00 Coffee break


Peter Grzybek (University of Graz) - Estonian Proverbs: Some Linguistic Regularities
Pekka Hakamies (University of Turku) - Meetings with Arvo Krikmann
Wladyslaw Chlopicki (Jagiellonian University) - The Power of Metonymy
Wolfgang Mieder (University of Vermont) - Futuristic Paremiology: A Plea for the Study of Modern Proverbs

16.30 Book presentations

Anneli Baran, Liisi Laineste, Piret Voolaid (Estonian Literary Museum) - Scala naturae: Festschrift in Honour of Arvo Krikmann
Alexandra Arkhipova (Russian State University for the Humanities) - Антропологический форум No 21

17.00 Reception and speeches

Organised by Department of Folkloristics at the Estonian Literary Museum and Estonian Academy of Sciences
Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment and IUT 22-5

Information: Anneli Baran,; Liisi Laineste,; Piret Voolaid,

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