From Language to Mind IV

Conference in memory of Oskar Loorits (1900-1961)
15.-17. september 2010, Pille Kippar 75

Academician, multitalented researcher of Estonian language, folklore and culture, an explorer and experimenter, establisher of the Estonian Folklore Archives and its series of publications, researcher of mythology, religion and many traditional genres, always ready to explore new folklore, linguist and doctor of folklore, nationalist and national ideologist, founding member of the student society Veljesto, member of Learned Estonian Society, foreign member of the Royal Gustav Adolf National Academy, collector and publisher of Livonian heritage, a passionate man. Oskar Loorits has left a deep mark upon past Estonian religion research. Having folkloristic background, Loorits was first of all interested in folklore-related topics. Although mostly involved with timeless religio motifs, Loorits was nevertheless the first to study on an academic level prehistoric religion, attempting to define different periods therein. Oskar Loorits is a person that carried on academic research tradition in Estonian folkloristics, who laid the ground for many fields, who set the trends of study and methodics for several decades. The list of his accomplishments could go on. The fourth seminar in the series “From Langauge to Mind” is dedicated to Oskar Loorits and takes place September 15.-17., 2010. Conferences dedicated to Oskar Loorits have been held once in a decade (1990, 2000), and have contributed to establishing new contacts and professional approaches. This time, the conference is united with the series of international conferences “From Language to Mind”. In the case of Oskar Loorits, just as previously with Ülo Tedre and Arvo Krikmann, the motto is justified by the wide range of accomplishments and erudition displayed by the scholar.

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