Funeral customs of Caucasian estonians

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Photo 4.
Men chopping meat for the funeral feast, Sulevi village, 1950. It was men's job to procure the coffin and meat.

Photo 5.
Anette Angelstok with her grandfather in the village of Sulevi, about 1904. "The pipe and the walking-stick were put in my mother-father's coffin. I was 5 or 6 then. I used to go to him, and he would say, `Child, be good now, put my hands on breast and go home, and tell your Ma to come here after a while.'
(Angelstok 1986)

Photo 6.
Anette Angelstok's confirmation dress is girded with a black sash, because of her mother's death. About 1919 in the village of Sulevi. `Mother was dressed in a light blue jacket and grey skirt. Mother never liked that silk jacket. I even thought that she would appear in my dreams with this silk jacket.'
(Angelstok 1986).