Folklore vol. 24

Towards a Poetics, Rhetorics and Proxemics of Verbal Charms 7
Jonathan Roper


English Orature, English Literature: the Case of Charms 50
Jonathan Roper


Charms in the Context of Magic Practice. The Case of Slovenia 62
Monika Kropej


The Calling and Work of Wellington Masatia Tambwa. A Traditional Healer From Bunyore, Kenya 78
Ezekiel Alembi


The Social Contexts of Verbal Arts in Yoruba Indigenous Healthcare Practices 90
Oladele Caleb Orimoogunje


News in brief
SEAC 2002 Conference 99
ISFNR Interim Conferece 2003 102
MA Thesis on Biographical Songs of the Setu Women 106
MA Thesis on Pre-Christian Folk Religion 107
MA Thesis on the Changes in Funeral Traditions 109
MA Thesis on the History of the Estonian National Museum 111

Media Reviews
CD Anthology of Estonian Traditional Music 113
CD Estonian Dialects 118
A Discography of Estonian Language on CD-DAs and CD-ROMs 120
On the Treatment of Indigenous Cultures in Literary Culture 123

An Electronical Journal of Folklore
vol. 24. October 2003

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