Folklore vol. 23

Saints and the Demoniacs: Exorcistic Rites in Medieval Europe (11th - 13th Century) 7
Marek Tamm


Totalitarianism and the Role of Religion in the Inca State 25
Tarmo Kulmar


Neopaganism and New Age in Russia 40
Anne Ferlat


Echoes Of Ancient Cataclysms In The Baltic Sea 49
Ain Haas, Andres Peekna, Robert E. Walker


Article comment by Marika Mägi 82
Is There A Reason for the Existence of An independent Finno-Ugric Musicology? 86
György Kádár


Dance and costume. From the tradition to performance 107
Filippou Filippos, Harahoussou Ivonni, Kabitsis Christos, Koleta Maria


Discussion Point
On the international bibliography of ethnology 115
News in brief
Ülo Tedre - the grand old man - 75 132
Folktale Type The Name of the Helper in the Context of Estonian Tradition 135
The Identity and Terrotoriality of Siberian Estonians 138
Traditional Udmurt Customs 143


An Electronical Journal of Folklore
vol. 23. July 2003

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