Folklore vol. 22

One Tale for Four and New Morals for Old: The Construction and Themes of E. Nesbit's 'The Magician's Heart' 7
Sanjay Sircar


The Three Suitors of the King's Daughter: Character roles in the Estonian versions of The Dragon Slayer (AT 300) 33
Risto Järv


Names in Estonian Folk Astronomy - from 'Bird's Way' to 'Milky Way' 49
Andres Kuperjanov


The Transformation of the Death Cult over Time: The Example of the Burial Customs in Historic Võrumaa County 62
Marju Torp-Kõivupuu


Awareness of Death: A Controllable Process or a Traumatic Experience? 92
Argo Moor


Is Wedding Cake Valid Today? The Legal Function of Wedding Rites 115
Hesi Siimets, Marju Luts


News in brief
The Saga Conference in Borgarnes, Iceland 124

Folklore Science in Slovakia 126

The Conference Preserving and Spreading the Cultural Property at the Age of Globalisation 130

Defending of Doctoral Thesis 134

Book Reviews
Popol Vuh. The Sacred Book of the Ancient Quich Maya 139 Books

An Electronical Journal of Folklore
vol. 22. December 2002

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