Folklore vol. 21

Take it With a Grain of Salt: The Kernel of Truth in Topical Jokes 7
Liisi Laineste


'Hot-blooded' Estonians. On Estonians' folk category of emotions 26
Ene Vainik


The Wild and Homely Siberia. How Siberian Estonians Perceive their Natural Environment 52
Aivar Jürgenson


The Story of Life in Music: Autobiographical Songs of the Nganasans 77
Triinu Ojamaa


The Big Snowstorm I. The Spreading of Personal Experience stories about Soviet Estonia among Estonians in Sweden 98
Mare Kõiva


Animals in People's Mind and in the Language of Folklore 138
Henni Ilomäki


Discussion Point
People and Pets by Marika Mikkor 147
News in brief
The International Narrative Researchers Conference 156

Folk Religion Seminar at Karepa 159

Book Reviews
Tamara Heidemane. In the Lap of a Stepmother in Siberia 161 Books

An Electronical Journal of Folklore
vol. 21. August 2002

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Edited by Mare Kõiva & Andres Kuperjanov
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