Shamanism in a postmodern age

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1. Old Nanai dances in kasa-taori ritual in front of a shaman-tree with three steps which symbolise the upper-world, the different levels that the shaman visits.
2. Sacrificing-tree. Passers-by offer the tree a small object to warrant good luck to their on their visit to the shaman. Yakutia 1992.
3. The shamanism is once again popular among the youth. The sacrifice ritual of the Manchu to the God of Snowfall. February 1991.
4. Yakut shaman and actor A. Feodorov greets the raising sun as the "white shaman" by the Lena River at the Shaman Rocks. The symbolic idea of the ritual is acquiring health and strength for the persons present from the raising sun. Initially the ritual was carried through on the summer solstice.