Folklore vol. 18/19

Prehistoric Art Special
guest editors Väino Poikalainen & Enn Ernits

Palaeolithic Art from the Danube to Lake Baikal 7
Väino Poikalainen


Categorisation of Prehistoric Art Objects on the Example of Finno-Ugric area 61
Enn Ernits


Milestones of Spiritual evolution in prehistoric Karelia 80
Abram D. Stoliar


New Discoveries on the Sculptures of Oleni Island, Lake Onega 127
Tatiana Popova


Rock Paintings in Finland 137
Pekka Kivikäs


The Permian Animal Style 162
Eero Autio


Statistics of Rock Art in the Tom Region 187
Enn Ernits


News in brief
In Search for Petroglyphs in Estonia and Karelia

Votian Family Symbols and Property Marks

Petroglyphs in Latvia

The Emergence and Activities of the Estonian Society of Prehistoric Art

Book reviews
Marianna Devlet
Petroglyphs on the coast of the Saian Sea (Aldy-Mozaga Mountain). Moskva 1998. 288 pp. In Russian. Summary in English.

Pekka Kivikäs
Petroglyphs speak. Jyväskylä: Atena kustannnus oy, 2000. 124 pp. In Finnish.

Timo Miettinen
Rock Paintings of the Kym River. Kymenlaakson maakuntamuseon julkaisuja no 27. Kotka, 2000. 163 pp. In Finnish. Summary in English.

Eero Autio
Eagles, Deers, Bears: Permian Bronze Casts. Jyväskylä 2000. 228 pp. In Finnish.

A word from the editors

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vol. 18/19. December 2001

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